New Business Announcements

The Bucerias Guide maintains a New Business Announcements section to keep our readers informed and updated on developments in local business. Business briefs are short news items of interest to consumers or other members of the local business community.

Use this form if you are: Opening a new business, expanding hours of an existing business, moving to a new location, expanding your business or offering new products or services, or closing your business. These kinds of items are considered news, not advertising.

Purely commercial notices - such as information about sales, special offers or "seminars" designed to line up customers for your business - are considered advertising. To purchase an ad, click here.

Select Type Of Business Announcement

  • Announce The Opening of a New Business

    Announce your business opening.

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  • Expanding Hours of an Existing Business

    Announce new hours of operation for your business.

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  • Moving Your Business to a New Location

    Let consumers and other local busisnesses know you are moving and where you will be.

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  • Expanding Your Business

    Is your business expanding? Let everyone know about it!

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  • Offering New Products or Services

    Have new products and services that are being added to your existing business?

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  • Closing A Business

    Closing? List it here so others can know.

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