Frequently Asked Questions About The Bucerias Guide Website

Below are answers to common questions we receive, sorted by topic. Click on the links below to see questions on each subject. Email us if you have a question we haven't answered here.

Business Listings/Advertising Your Business

  • I am the owner/manager of a local business/ service in Bucerias, can I be part of The Bucerias Guide?

    Yes, of course. As long as your business and/or service is of an acceptable standard you can be listed within The Bucerias Guide. Click here for more details.

Brochures, Recommendations, etc

  • I would like further information about an accommodation property, restaurant, tour, etc that I have seen listed in this guide. Do you have any other information, a list of their current specials, or recommendations on where to stay, dine or visit?

    The Bucerias Guide provides advertisements for local and surrounding area business owners, based on the information given to us by the establishment itself. If you require any further information please contact the advertiser directly. Visit their web site or contact them using any of the details displayed in their advertisement. We are unable to make any personal recommendations on establishments to stay in, restaurants to eat at, tours to go on or places to visit.

  • Can you send me brochures?

    No. The Bucerias Guide is an internet oriented service only and we currently are unable to provide any information by postal mail.


  • What requirements does The Bucerias Guide web site require in terms of internet connections, computer set-up and web browser software and configuration?

    We have tried to make The Bucerias Guide web site functionable under as many different computer systems and set-ups as possible. Things to check are:

    Screen Resolution: All page widths are 800 pixels, so a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels is required for easy viewing, although we recommended higher resolutions. Lower resolutions will work, but scrolling left and right will need to be done frequently to read complete lines.

    Web browser software: This site has been tested under the following operating systems and their recent web browser software:

    Windows XP: Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, Firefox 2 & 3, Google Chrome, Linux Fedora: Konqueror, Opera, Firefox 2 & 3

    If you have a different configuration then don't worry - this site is expected to work with what you have. However, if you discover problems, contact us and let us know what you use and what doesn't work properly for you.

    Web browser configuration: It is recommended that JavaScript is enabled (which is usually the default) to make some of the fancier features of our navigation menus operate, pop-up window sizing, etc.

    Internet connection: While broadband users will breeze through our site, dial-up modem visitors will notice some pages load slowly due to the number of images. Many of the images are repeated on other pages, so after your web browser had completely downloaded a couple of pages, subsequent pages will load much quicker as the same common information (such as menu items) won't need to be transferred again.

About Bucerias

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