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Business Hours & Public Holidays

What to bring and not bring to Bucerias, Mexico




  • Bucerias Business Hours

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    Banks in Bucerias are generally open from 9am to 4pm, and some even open Saturday mornings. For specific bank hours and locations visit our Banks and ATMs sections.

    Office Hours
    Professional Business Office hours run between 8am - 6pm.

  • Public Holidays

    January 1st

    Año Nuevo - New Year's Day

    February 4th

    Dia de la Constitucion - Constitution Day

    February 24th

    Dia de la Bandera - Mexico's National Flag Day

    March 17th

    Birthday of Benito Juárez

    May 1st

    Dia del Trabajo - Labor Day

    May 5th

    Cinco de Mayo - Victory over France in Puebla

    September 16th

    Dia de la Independencia - Celebrating Independence (from Spain) Day

    October 12th

    Dia de La Raza - Columbus discovers the new world

    November 20th

    Dia de la Revolucion - Anniversary of the 1910 Mexican Revolution

    December 25th

    Dia de Navidad - Christmas Day - Christmas dinner
    (presents traditionally happen on the evening of the 24th - Christmas Eve)