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Health & Safety in Bucerias, Mexico



Common Health Ailments

  • Sunburn


    Heat Exhaustion

    Bucerias can be quite hot, particularly during the afternoon and slightly more in the Summer months. If you're walking around in the sunshine, take bottled water with you and keep hydrated at all times. A sun hat is a good investment! Salt deficiency is another problem - as you sweat, your body excretes the salt is needs. Tiredness, headaches and muscle cramps can happen through salt deficiency. Add some salt to your food if you don't normally do this at home; consider taking some salt tablets (you can buy these at any local pharmacy). If you get very dehydrated, go a a pharmacy and buy "Pedialyte" - this is a hydration drink with salt, sugars and electrolytes that help your body to re-hydrate.

    Heat Stroke

    This condition is serious and can be fatal, so be careful! You can get heatstroke if you fail to follow the advice above about Heat Exhaustion and spend too long in the sunshine and without drinking anything. The intense heat and lack of liquid can cause your body's natural heating and cooling system to stop function properly, and your body temperature will rise to very dangerous levels, possibly fatal ones. Severe headaches and no sweating, coupled with a ratty or aggressive mood are symptoms. Hospitalization will be essential; but initially, getting out of the sun, cooled down and hydrated (if not unconscious) is a priority. You can cool a person down by removing their clothing and wrapping them in a wet towel or sheet.

Buying Medicines in Mexico

  • Pharmacies

    Bucerias has two pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, Farmacia Guadalajara & CMQ.

    NOTE *
    You'll find that most medicine is quite inexpensive in Bucerias ( and throughout Mexico) and you can buy almost any medicine you ask for over the counter, however, you should only buy medicines that you know and are familiar with to take from a 'self-prescription' perspective (e.g. over-the-counter painkillers, antacids, etc). If you think you need something stronger see a local doctor and get a prescription.

Doctors, Dentists, Etc.

  • Professional Health Care & Healthcare Professionals

    Most people that travel to Bucerias seldomly need to seek medical attention. But accidents can happen and people do get sick. If you do fall ill or hurt, Bucerias has many good doctors, dentists, etc who will be fully capable of taking care of you.





Hospitals In and Around Bucerias, Mexico

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Health Insurance

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Safety in Bucerias, Mexico

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