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What To Bring With You To Bucerias, Mexico

What to bring and not bring to Bucerias, Mexico

Preparing for your Bucerias vacation, as with any vacation travel, can take some particular planning. We've put together some suggestions to help you make a start, however, if you have attachment to anything — bring it!

Obviously, what you bring depends on how you are planning to travel, how long you stay, and your personal preferences. We've developed the following list over the course of our own travel to Bucerias and the general Puerto Vallarta area, as well as those of friends, etc. It takes into account most of the situations you are likely to encounter: outdoor activities, a little nightlife, being invited into a home or to a special family occasion (more likely than you might think), and a lot of tropical relaxation.

Be sure to take a look at the "What NOT To Pack" list because there are some things that it's as important to remember to leave home as the things you remember to bring.

  • Documents & Papers
  • Luggage (Advice, Tips, etc)
  • What To Pack
  • What NOT To Pack

Documents & Papers

  • Passport, etc.

    Valid/ Current Passport and government issued ID
    Valid passport is now required for all travelers into and out of Mexico.

  • Make Copies of Travel Documents

    Make photocopies of all travel documents including plane tickets, hotel reservations and passports. Put one set of copies in the travel bag you are taking on the plane. Keep the copies separate from the originals.

  • Email Yourself Important Travel Document Copies

    Scan and Email yourself copies of important travel document. If you lose your passport, visa, airline tickets, credit / debit cards or driver's license, you can download copies.
    If you lose everything, you will be able to replace travel document copies with some clicks of the mouse. Click here for full details

Luggage (Advice, Tips, etc)

  • Personalize Luggage for Easy Identification

    Tie a colorful ribbon or attach distinctive stickers to your luggage so that you can identify it easily, and other travelers will not take it by mistake at a busy terminal.

What To Pack

  • Clothing

    2 are smart as, being more humid in Bucerias, things take longer to dry.

    A GOOD pair of Tennis Shoes or Walking Shoes are PARTICULARLY important due to the cobblestone streets & REALLY high curbs. WOMEN...keep the heels at home (except maybe 1 pair for that special night out!), Rubber shoes - for rocky areas, hot sand & wading, Sandals to keep your feet dry and aired out!

    Hat, cap or visor
    To protect your head and eyes from the sun and heat.

    Light Jacket and/or Light Sweaters
    The days tend to be hot, however, evenings can get a little chilly, the temperature drops to 16° C at night.

    Nice Dress Attire
    You may want to bring 1 nice outfit in case you go out to a really nice party/restaurant.

  • Health Items

    Prescription Medications & Prescription Documents
    Prescription Medications & a copy of the prescriptions (it is illegal to bring some items (such as Valium) back to the U.S. without proper prescriptions).

    Eye Glasses & Eye Glass Prescription
    Bring a copy of your eye glass prescription in case yours break or get lost. Consider bringing an extra pair of glasses as you may not be able to get a replacement pair on the same day, realistically the next day or longer.

  • Other Items (Miscellaneous)


    Beach Towel(s)
    Beach towels seem to mainly be given at mainstream tourist resorts (and some may charge $1 or so for them!). VERY few condos, villas & specialty properties provide them since they seem to, more often than not, "walk off"

    A wrist coil key chain
    This is a useful tool to keep all the keys you get on it.

    This is very useful for carrying beach items, purchases while shopping, etc.

    Wash Cloths
    This is particularly noted for Americans! Even the majority of best properties generally will not have them.

    Ear plugs

What NOT to Pack

Due to the continued onslaught of air travel regulations and restrictions, airline weight restrictions and the availability of the same items and brands you find in the US and Canada, it is not necessary to bring the items listed here with you. You will find them in Bucerias. If you are, however, particular to a certain brand, bring it with you.

  • Keys, Car Remotes, Etc.

    "There is no point in carrying all of your keys. In fact if you take a cab or airport shuttle the only key you need is the one for your home. Leave the rest in a safe place. Since you won't need your front door key (or remote for your car door locks/remote ignition) while you travel, it's a good idea to safety pin them inside one of your bags or suitcases rather than carry it around in your pocket.

  • Electrical Adapters (U.S. & Canadian Travelers Only)

    If you're visiting from the U.S. or Canada you can leave the electric plug adapters and converters at home. The current and electrical outlets are the same and your appliances should work just fine.

  • Wallet & Purse Contents

    For Men (Wallet Contents) - If you're going to carry your wallet, you can probably remove 3/4 of the contents. You won't need your library card, health-club membership, or the receipt and warranty card for your new lawnmower etc.

    ,strong>For Women (Purse Contents) - This is a controversial call. We've seen purses that contain everything from an emergency operating room to the better part of an automobile repair shop. Look at what's in yours to decide if you want to lug it around, and if there is anything you don't need to risk losing (see wallet above).

  • Toiletries


  • Other (Miscellaneous)

    Mosquito Repellant