Mexico Money & Currency

Mexico's national currency is the Peso. Most Merchants will accept the United States Dollar and the Canadian Dollar (and/or even the Euro from travelers arriving from countries using those currencies), you should plan to exchange your home-country currency (* Foreign coins are not accepted) for Pesos before you arrive in Mexico or at banks, currency exchanges or automatic teller machines as soon as you arrive. See the Banks and ATMs section under "SERVICES" for locations and maps of local Bucerias banks and ATMs.

Many tourists are confused by Mexican pesos. Hopefully these images help you become familiar with the currency before you arrive.

20 Peso Note
20 peso note. the new version is made of a plastic paper. 20 peso coin also in circulation.

50 Peso Note
50 peso note. very commonly used and seen.

100 Peso Note
100 peso note. probably the most common note used today.

200 Peso Note
200 peso note. very common - cash machines dish these out a lot of the time.

500 Peso Note
500 peso note. still quite rare, and a pain to get change for.

1000 Peso Note
1000 peso note. rarely seen; very few in circulation.

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