Bucerias, Mexico FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are answers to common questions we receive, sorted by topic. Click on the links below to see questions on each subject. Email us if you have a question we haven't answered here.

Climate, Geography, People
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Climate, Geography, People

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  • What will the weather be like in Bucerias?

    We have general weather information an Average Temperature Chart on our Weather section page. For Current Temperature/ Weather Conditions and 5-day forecast Click Here

  • When are high and low season?

    Many people ask what the general time periods of high and low season are. While every hotel defines this slightly differently, it usually corresponds with the dry / green season months. The dry season usually begins in late November and continues through mid-June. The rains here begin in late June and grow heavy in August, September and October.

    While the months of August and September can be exceptionally wet (though some travelers do not mind at all), the beginning and end of the green season are, in our opinion, some of the best months to travel to Bucerias. Prices are down, the foliage is green and there are fewer tourists.

    Most hotels will have price breaks in May, June, July, August, September and October. During these months you can count on rain in the afternoons, though it is usually still beautiful from 7am to 2pm. Green season mornings are breathtaking.

  • What is the geography of Bucerias?


  • What is the population and ethnic makeup?


Time Zone

  • What time zone is Bucerias in?

    Time can be a source of confusion here. Bucerias is technically on Mountain Time but because the closest city, Puerto Vallarta, is on central time most businesses here are set to central time. If you are quoted an hour followed by the word Jalisco, it is central. If the hour is followed by Nayarit, it is mountain.

Currency & Money Matters

  • What is IVA?/h3>

    .V.A. (Impuesto al valor agregado), this is Mexican sales tax, it is 15% in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco and you will notice it in all your bills, many items that you wish you purchase will have a notice "tax included" or "+ I.V.A."(not included).


  • Is Bucerias Beach fit to swim in?

    The beaches are clean in Bucerias. Local authorities and some local associations make sure to keep them clean, water is just perfect for swimming and you will enjoy sun tanning. If you by chance see foam on the water, this is a natural process and not a pollution problem.

  • Are the beaches safe?

    Generally, yes. As anywhere there are a few places to beware of. Remember, there are not many lifeguards here. During the summer there can be large swells, even in this protected bay . Be careful and buddy up, swim with a friend, always! Tell other people where you are going to swim and your expected return time.

  • Can I go topless on the beaches?

    It is illegal in México although enforcement is ignored (the practice is tolerated), in some areas. Use your common sense, look around, see what others are doing, if there are others that are topless nearby, the chances are pretty good that it is, most likely, locally accepted.

Alcohol and Drinking

  • What is the legal drinking age in México?

    The legal drinking age is 18.

Surrounding Areas

  • Are there other communities and areas near Bucerias for day or overnight excursions?