Getting Around Bucerias

Bucerias is easy to get around by foot. Everything is relatively close, within walking distance, and nearly every block has small shops, restaurants, or something else unexpected to grab your attention.

Bucerias is served by local taxis and offers frequent bus service to get around town, as well as, to other nearby communities, attractions and points of interest in the Banderas Bay area.

Public Transportation



Local Bus (for travel around Bucerias)

The Local bus to take to travel Bucerias' northside, southside and stops inbetween is the ATM bus. Highway 200 (the main road) through Bucerias runs north and south parallel to the beach and is where all buses can be found regardless if you are looking to stay in town or for an excursion outside of Bucerias to one of the neighboring towns and attractions.

Each separate bus ride requires a separate payment, transfers are non-existent. When you board the bus, you pay your fare and the driver will hand you a receipt. Be sure and keep the receipt while riding the bus. Inspectors frequently hop on the bus and may ask to see your receipt. Failure to have a receipt may not only cause problems for the driver, but may cause you to pay an additional fare.

Intra-city & Inter-city Buses (for travel outside of Bucerias)

To travel to one of the numerous towns/ communities, attractions and points of interest outside of Bucerias you simply need to choose an Intra-city or an Inter-city bus depending on your destination.

The quality of the intra-city buses and local buses may not be as good as the inter-city buses, but they do provide a convenient and economical means of getting about the area.


taxis are numerous and taxi fares are quite reasonable, but let the rider beware. The taxis do not have meters; double check with the concierge or the bellman or a local person as to the fare to the desired location. Also ask the cabdriver what the fare will be before you enter the taxi. This can prevent any misunderstanding upon arrival at your destination.

Surrounding Areas & Communities: La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (4.1 mi / 7 km), Puerto Vallarta (11.5 mi / 19 km) l Sayulita (10.6 mi / 17 km)

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