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The membership cost to list your Restaurant or Bar is $180.00 USD ($1800.00 Pesos) per basic listing per year. Additional listing types are available (such as "Featured Listings, etc).

Submitting your business is a two-step process. First, you will choose a payment type, then you will tell us about your business.

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  • Accommondations

    Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels & Motels                               $180.00 USD
    and Resorts

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  • Activities & Tours

    Individual and Family-Owned Tour                                   $90.00 USD
    and Activity Businesses & Tour Companies/ Agents

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  • Food & Drink "Bars & Restaurants"

    Bars & Clubs and Restaurants                                     $180.00 USD

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  • Food & Drink "Other"

    Bakeries, Coffee Houses & Cafes,                                 $90.00 USD
    Delis/ Delicatessens, Ice Cream Shops

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  • Services

    Laundry Services, Hair & Nail Salons,                            $90.00 USD
    Health & Wellness, Travel Agencies, etc

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  • Shopping

    Art Galleries, Jewelry Stores,                                        $90.00 USD
    Grocery Stores, etc

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